Construction Management / Engineering

Construction Management / Engineering

DKE brings together engineering expertise and awareness of real-world constraints to expedite and implement cost-effective solutions on construction projects. We translate visual observations and field tests into realistic assessments of conditions, describe risks/rewards when outlining options, design structures or repairs, and coordinate with the contractor to ensure a practical solution. DKE’s expert knowledge of the construction phase of a development enables us to identify process improvements which help contractors to finish a project on time and on budget. We are at the forefront of modern construction methods, such as prefabrication and off-site modular construction, and make full use of local labour and materials (when appropriate) to help ensure sustainable and cost-effective outcomes. Our specialist engineers provide experienced on-site supervision, sometimes setting up satellite offices to provide an immediate point of contact. We advise on design, health & safety and procurement strategy and act as the liaison between client and contractor. Our long experience of obtaining tenders on our clients’ behalf and working closely with the contractors means we can co-ordinate the construction programme, monitor progress, evaluate any changes and continually assess and manage risk.

Approximately as many as 50% of construction projects go over budget, which can have a serious effect on the viability of a development. To limit this risk, we estimate the cost and time implications of delays (caused by site problems, materials supply etc) and variations to the design or programme requested by the client. By presenting a detailed risk assessment before any changes are carried out, we help the client to make a more informed decision on whether to proceed with them – as well as ensuring greater cost certainty on a project.

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