Roads and highways solutions must be long-term, sustainable, and cost effective, from local access roads to major urban and rural strategic routes. We drive those same roads alongside you, with our children in the back seat, so improving safety, easing congestion, and extending street and highway life are always priorities.

The design of highways, roads, and streets requires a delicate balance between the physical demands of a project, the realities of constraints faced by owners and operators, and the need for design to recognize the setting of the asset in the environment. From feasibility studies to planning, design, procurement, construction supervision, and post-construction assessments, engineering expertise is required to ensure optimal efficiency and safety, while minimizing costs and environmental impacts. DKE experts work on bringing these benefits to towns and cities every day. DKE has designed highway, road, and street projects around the country. Our civil engineering teams apply innovative designs to the delivery of long-term sustainable solutions for construction of new roads and streets in urban and rural environments, as well as widening and improvement of existing roads and highways. The scope of our expertise extends to conceptual studies, preliminary engineering, and detailed design of rural and urban highways, arterial streets, and neighborhood streets.

DKE’s cost-effective designs help clients to improve safety, ease congestion, extend street and highway life, and improve mobility. We deliver design solutions using state-of- the-art design software, including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, InRoads, Infraworks, GeoPak, MicroStation, AutoTurn, and SignCAD.

DKE's highway, road and street design services include:

Studies Conceptual and Detailed Urban Street Design
Public Consultation and Route Planning
Highway and Junction/Intersection Design
Safety Audits
Supervision and Inspection

DKE’s expertise in developing intelligent transport and travel information systems also plays an important role in our design process through the optimization of global mobility and network traffic management. Our highway, road and street design services are further complemented by the global experience of our bridge engineering teams, whose inspection and analysis services include load capacity evaluation & analysis, asset management, emergency repair design, and rehabilitation. WSP’s pavement engineers also contribute their expertise to the design process through the development and implementation of pavement innovations, such as single night bay replacements, deep asphalt inlays, and fine milling on concrete pavements.

Other DKE highway, road and street design services include:

Investment Advisory
Sustainability Advisory
Storm Water Management
Street Lighting
Road Safety